APOLO – Ready for LIFT OFF?


The inspiration comes from the Apollo 11 space mission, which took place more than 50 years ago. The purpose was to land men on the lunar surface. Our design draws inspiration from that historical and exciting moment when the spaceship was taking off, emitting a great LIGHT to launch into space!

Our Apolo collection is designed to create an atmosphere that invites you to travel, to dream, to wish – that emotion you have with you when gazing at the stars. It is perfect to create spaces full of life and joy.

The Apolo collection consists of a stylish floor lamp, elegant table lamp and atmospheric portable battery powered lamp.

Special emphasis is put on the battery used along with the design, which is based on craftmanship combined with the latest technology. Its IP67 makes it perfect for outdoor use. It is rechargeable by induction, simply by leaving it in contact with the base. Battery life lasts for more than 8 hours. You can regulate the intensity of the light directly with a switch on the luminaire or with a remote control, which also allow you to program the shutdown in a certain time.

The body of the lamp is made of stainless steel, with acrylic used for the light diffusor. The cast acrylic shade is always translucent white. The metal can be lacquered in any finish from our color selection. As with all our collections, it is always possible to personalize the finish under special request. All this makes it a very versatile collection, easy to customize for your project.


Apolo - Almerich New Collection


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