Interior designer Erico Navazo has selected the COCO lamp for the space he has created in Casa Decor 2017 in Madrid, characterized in this 25th anniversary by the predominance of Mid Century airs. A building built in 1900 and located in the imposing district of the Jeronimos is the perfect setting to display the novelties in decoration this year. And more specifically the selection of pieces of Erico Navazo for a space that plays with geometry in white, gray and black to create the bathroom of the perfect gentleman.

COCO, designed by Estudio Savage for Almerich, is a lamp of extreme simplicity both aesthetic and functional, where it has deepened in the treatment of light. Its dome can be oriented slightly in order to direct the light to the sides. Characterized by the contrasts, the rotundity of its geometry, the force of the sphere contrasted with the visual lightness of the structure and the warmth of its light.

Casa Decor 2017 can be visited until June 18 and is located on Antonio Maura street, number 8. Madrid.